Women4Women Community

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 Welcome to the WOMEN4WOMEN Community 

You belong here!

Become a member of our Women4Women Community and gain the support and guidance you need to be successful professionally and personally.  This group of like-minded women will provide you with support, perspective, and insight into driving success in everything you do. Bi-monthly meetings in the Lexington/Columbia area will make it convenient & beneficial for all members to grow their sphere of influence. 

Professional Membership Includes

One on One

Spend 30 minutes with Marie reviewing your business plan and objectives and create an action plan that will motivate you to keep moving forward. This is quality time focused on you and the plan you want to build professionally and personally.

Monthly Community Engagement

Build relationships with like-minded women at our bi-monthly Women4Women networking meetings. W4W Community members have access to all meetings and are encouraged to participate in as many as they want.  The W4W Community genuinely wants to lift, push, and pull other women forward toward success.  As our community grows so will our locations and so will your opportunity.

 Women4Women Directory

Connect and support other Phat Mavericks™ in our Women4Women Community with ease. Each active member will be listed in our Phat Partners directory where the services and product we need to support our community can be easily accessed.  This is a public page so members will reap the benefits of all website visitors.

 Featured Phat Maverick™

Each meeting we will feature and highlight one of our W4W members. This is a wonderful way to get to know one another professionally and personally. The featured Phat Maverick™ will also be featured on our website sharing a short bio, picture and business information.

 Social Media

You will have access to our private Facebook group where you will receive tools, motivation, and support from women committed to lifting, pushing, and pulling you forward.  Our business networking group works on many fronts to build relationships and opportunities for our members.

 Rewarding Relationships

Whether you are building your professional network, looking for meaningful and supportive relationships with like-minded women or you need a push toward healthy living goals you will find it as an involved Phat Maverick™ and the Women4Women Community.

15% Discount on all merchandise and member discount on all events

As we grow our community and our identity as a group, we will offer merchandise that will enhance your daily routine either for fun or for the ease of doing business.

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