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Women4Women Community in a nutshell

Phat Maverick™ and the Women4Women Community is committed to lifting, pushing, and pulling women forward professionally in their careers and personally in their healthy living choices. We believe that supporting women is not about saying the right thing it’s about doing the right thing. It is about choosing to make healthy and sound decisions while creating positive and rewarding environments for women so that we can all have a stronger & better tomorrow. It is about coaching, developing, supporting and creating honest conversations with one another so we can keep paving the path for the women of tomorrow. We believe that not only should we lift, push and pull the women around us but also the woman within us.

Our goal is to build a professional and personal networking group that focuses on supporting women in their career goals & in their quest to live healthy lifestyles. We build our network of success through relationships, not rules.  We promote and refer business to one another because we have built trust and confidence not because we require it.  We believe all women add value and we are inclusive to all the amazing women that want to be a Phat Maverick™! We Lift each other up, Push each other forward and Pull one another to new heights.

I have 20 years of experience in corporate America and I know first hand how important and impactful it is for women to support one another professionally and personally. Too often we are willing to put ourselves last in line for achieving our dreams and goals and way too often we allow others to put us last as well. We deserve more! We are worth more! I know you agree!

It is time to take care of one another and ourselves. We will all flourish if we work together to lift, push and pull all women toward a better tomorrow. Now is the time to work together to encourage and empower one another to win in business and in making healthy lifestyle choices. Unleash your Phat Maverick™! Together we really can have it all and we can each make an impactful difference to the women that surround us.

What are you waiting for? Be a Phat Maverick!

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All of us here at Phat Maverick are committed to incorporating Lift, Push, Pull into who we are and what we do each day. Because I am so passionate about all it entails, I want to share it with you!

Lift, Push, and Pull is a lifestyle concept that promotes creating an environment of continuous momentum forward professionally and personally. It encompasses the belief that if we all are committed to Lifting, Pushing, & Pulling we can all WIN, find our sweet spot and have balance in our life. Incorporating #LiftPushPull will benefit you through change, direct you toward accomplishing your goals and it will build a community of supporters you can trust and grow along with while being an advocate for those that aspire to do the same. It allows you to live your life with no fear- no apologies, just lifting, pushing & pulling yourself and others forward. It builds a level of trust in yourself and with others.

When you are more aware of yourself and others and your actions genuinely support yourself & those around you then you will experience the magic that #LIFTPUSHPULL brings!

So, get out there and #LIFTPUSHPULL yourself and those that surround you!

Phat Maverick

If you would like more information on #LIFTPUSHPULL keynote presentation opportunities and availability email:

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What do I do now?

Once you decide to unleash your Phat Maverick and be who you were born to be it can be quite freeing. Not gonna lie, it can be a little scary too just because you are giving up what you are conditioned to accept as normal. You may even wonder What do I do now? Well to start, you embrace all the possibilities that have been stifled deep inside of you for years. Then you stand up tall and proud and know that you can push yourself to accomplish any goal and any dream you desire. So, get to it and start believing in the best version of you and who you were born to be. That’s what being a Phat Maverick is all about, Lifting, Pushing and Pulling for a better tomorrow.
Women need to know that their goals and dreams are worth achieving and that it is ok to spend time and energy on accomplishing every one of them. NEWSFLASH!! It is ok to make yourself a priority! I have often used my family, work and lack of time as an excuse not to put me first, especially when it comes to being healthy and exercising. I am sure I’m not the only woman out there that is exhausted after work, after cleaning the house, washing the laundry, folding the laundry, taking the kids to baseball, bringing the kids back home, cooking dinner, cleaning up dinner, reviewing homework and all the other unmentioned tasks that attach themselves to me like blood sucking leeches throughout the day. By the end of all this craziness, I just want to curl up with a glass of wine or two and watch one episode of one of the 12 shows I recorded last season before the new season starts. I certainly do not have any interest in walking or running on that “must have” treadmill I use as a place to hang laundry. So, to give me hours back in my day so I can do the things that are important to me I sometimes skip the cleaning! That’s right people, I said it! Ya Happy- I admitted it?  I skip the cleaning! And if you walked into my house there are days you would know I was telling the truth. I am working very hard not to let my cluttered house drive me crazy.
The best tip I can give anyone wondering how to get done what they want to get done is to stop talking about it and DO IT. Make the time. Find the time. Amelia Earhart said it best, “The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” Don’t look back on life and realize all you did was talk about your dreams and goals. Don’t be “that woman.”  I have seen it many times in the great big world of business. People talk talk talk about doing something. Then they talk about a plan, then schedule some time to talk to others about the plan, then they review the plan, and then they change the plan and the vicious cycle repeats. So I give to you the word of the day -EXECUTE! Execute the darn plan already and adjust the plan as you go. The worst thing that could happen is still never worse than never STARTING. SO DO IT! Push yourself forward! If all else fails in getting motivated to start, call on your Phat Maverick; she is there with you ready to lift, push and pull you!
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Your Alter Ego Superhero…

is waiting to be unleashed!

Isn’t it time to unleash your Alter Ego Superhero?  Come on! Trust me, empower yourself to unleash her.  That is exactly what I have or rather what I am working on doing every day.  Every woman should unleash her Alter Ego Superhero!  Go ahead…. look in the mirror.  She is in there just waiting to save the day…. your day!  That little piece of yourself buried deep down inside of you. That piece of you that believes in you no matter what and always comes to your rescue.  Your Super Hero!  And let’s be honest, we have all daydreamed at some point in life about being a superhero.  I can’t tell you how many times I almost crashed that invisible plane when I was a young girl or did the Wonder Twin Power Activate bump with my BFF.   Think of your Alter Ego Superhero as your personal internal superhero.  Instead of saving the world by leaps and bounds you can be the superhero that saves yourself by committing to Lifting yourself up, Pushing yourself forward and Pulling yourself to a better, healthier and happier tomorrow.

Curious about the straw that broke my back?  What really happened that caused the unleashing?  It probably won’t surprise you to know it was not just one thing.  It was years in the making.  Simply put, I finally got sick and tired of playing the “game” which requires me to be complacent, accepting and not MORE transparent than the person asking me the question really wants me to be.  You know what I mean.  The boss, a friend or someone with some type of “power” over you asks you a question and you know if you don’t answer the question with what they want to hear all hell will break out and you basically just put the bus in gear to run your own butt over.  So, while you are thinking “that is a horrible idea” to what they just asked you, the words “best idea ever” robotically bounce out of your mouth while slightly stroking their ego on the way to their ears just as these words have done too many times in the past.

I got sick of people treating me as though I was disposable and replaceable.  I am a loyal friend and employee, and I have walked on nails, sacrificed time and gave all of what I had to give to those that I was loyal to.   To continuously not be shown the same loyalty or commitment can get pretty annoying and so my cup began to runneth over with some serious bitterness and resentment.  I never really ask for much from people, but loyalty is a big one.  It’s the binding agent of any relationship.

I got sick of the taste of blood in my mouth from biting my tongue and not fighting for myself or for my beliefs and values in fear of being reprimanded in some fashion for having my own thoughts.  Have you ever spent much time with those people that ask “what do you think,” but they really don’t care what you think?  Especially if it is different than what they are thinking.  They are just building their own little army of robots. Those that have known these people know!  You get fewer phone calls,  fewer invites, and fewer opportunities.   And let’s be honest, it is not just men doing this to women. It’s women shaming women for having a belief system, an ethical compass or a different opinion.  This sounds like a topic for an upcoming blog. Stay tuned…..

I got sick of ME treating myself as though I was not worthy of respect because nothing I did was ever good enough. I got sick of being in fear of letting myself down and letting those around me down. I got sick of fearing the possibility of failure. I got sick of self-doubt and not believing in myself.  I got sick of not being ME- strong, confident with a winning spirit. I got to the point I didn’t even believe in myself anymore!  The once overachiever, Can-do-anything kind of gal who always wore fabulous shoes no longer believed in herself.  I so wanted her back.  I longed for her to return to me.  I couldn’t do it alone.  I needed one person to believe in me!  Just one!  And that one person needed to be ME!   So, I did the only thing I could.  The only thing that could save me.  I unleashed HER from the depths within me! MY ALTER EGO SUPERHERO! My Superhero!  Created for me, by me.  She has come to my rescue! She has saved me from me. She believes in me! She reminds me I am strong!  I am smart!  I am important!  I have a purpose! She makes me strong, confident and invincible. She is exactly who I need my Superhero to be- she is ME.

SHE IS PHAT MAVERICK! She is LIFTING, PUSHING & PULLING me for my stronger tomorrow.  Are you willing to unleash your Phat Maverick?  Are your ready to fight for a stronger and better you?

So, here I go!  I hope you will join me and Phat Maverick for a fun adventure all about being honest, positive and purposeful in lifting, pushing and pulling myself and others toward a better tomorrow.

Phat Maverick


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What is a Phat Maverick

What is a PhatMaverick?  In order to get a better understanding, let’s take a look at how Merriam-Webster breaks down each word.

Phat:  very attractive or appealing

Maverick: a person who refuses to follow the customs or rules

Now add a couple of X chromosomes to the mix and you have an unstoppable force of a woman.  You have a PhatMaverick.

PHAT MAVERICK: an attractive and appealing woman who does not conform to the norm and does not always play it safe.  Someone that will stand up and say what needs to be said without fear of being ostracized for not being politically correct or conforming to the majority.

Here at PhatMaverick, we are going to blog about issues that impact women of all ages. This is an inclusive blog that is all about lifting women up, pushing them forward and pulling them ahead through conversations which promote the well-being of all women without unnecessary “fluff”.

So, if you want to be a Phat Maverick follow our blog and tell us what you think or let us know what topics you want to discuss!