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My paradise lost?



We all have “a place.”   That special place. You know, that place that upon your arrival something incredible happens to all the stress and tension that you have been holding onto since the last visit.   It’s that place that instantly deflates your stress like a balloon that slips through your fingers just before being tied.  It’s  that place that no matter how crazy, sad, chaotic or lonely we feel or the world is we always feel at peace and calm once we get there.  So, do you have a place?   Maybe “your place” is the mountains or the beach? Perhaps “your place” is a park or a childhood playground? Here is a picture of “my place,” Key West, Florida.  It’s my paradise that I share with thousands of others I am sure. 

This picture was taken at Latitudes Restaurant in March 2017 while on a much needed week of relaxation and fun with my husband, son, and mother.  It was a fabulous time sharing “my place” with my mother for her first visit.   Unfortunately, I am pretty confident it doesn’t look like this after Irma and her wrath poured down on the Keys.   And as much as I am sad by the thought of “my place” being in shambles, I am more upset about the many people that are without a home, food, and water because of Hurrican Irma.  So although I may have lost “my place” for the time being,  I still have a home and a familiar place to rest my head at night while so many fantastic and kind people that call the Keys home have no place at all.    I hope you enjoy the picture of my paradise that is temporarily lost but I hope even more that you will reach out and help those that need a hand up and those that need someone to lift, push and pull them during this difficult time.   

Phat Maverick #liftpushpull