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Belong to a community of Women committed to Women

Phat Maverick™ and the Women4Women Community is committed to lifting, pushing, and pulling women forward professionally in their careers and personally in their healthy living choices.  We believe that supporting women is not about saying the right thing it’s about doing the right thing.  It is about choosing to make healthy and sound decisions while creating positive and rewarding environments for women so that we can all have a stronger & better tomorrow. It is about coaching, developing, supporting and creating honest conversations with one another so we can keep paving the path for the women of tomorrow.   We believe that not only should we lift, push and pull the women around us but also the woman within us.

Our goal is to build a professional and personal networking group that will focus on supporting women in their career goals & in their quest to live healthy lifestyles.   We will build our network within the communities we live & serve as well as online, so we can be inclusive of all the amazing women that want to be a Phat Maverick™! We will Lift each other up, Push each other forward and Pull one another to new heights.

I have 20 years of experience in corporate America and I know first hand how important and impactful it is for women to support one another professionally and personally. Too often we are willing to put ourselves last in line for achieving our dreams and goals.  Sadly this also includes our health and our professional aspirations.  It is time to take care of one another and ourselves.   We will all flourish if we work together to lift, push and pull all women toward a better tomorrow.  Now is the time to work together to encourage and empower one another to win in business and in making healthy lifestyle choices.  Unleash your Phat Maverick™! Together we really can have it all and we can each make an impactful difference to the women that surround us.



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